The Parameters

The title should consist of one word only.
It can be fiction or non-fiction.

The story must be your own work, whether fictional or not. The work will be published on my blog and will therefore be under the protection of the copyright afforded me by and by Creative Commons liscencing (see ). None of the work here published may be used without the consent of the respective authors or myself. By submitting your work you agree for me to publish it here on this blog under my personal copyright protection.

The story should contain no more than one sentence, which should be grammatical, and should strive to use as few words as possible to express it well (I’m not asking for a James Joyce/William Faulkner type sentence that will fill an entire blog!).

The story may be submitted in any language recognised in The Ethnologue; be it formal, informal, standard, dialectical or colloquial, and can combine languages if you wish and are able, but should in any case be submitted in Latinised text if written in a non-Latin based language such as Arabic or Japanese.

You can submit as many stories as you like.

The stories will be published in alphabetical order based on title, giving no preference to style, theme or any other rational aspect. If anyone submits ‘Aardvark’ it will be slotted in arbitrarily among the other stories at whim.

You can submit a story via email to (please put 'Super Short' in the subject header) or via the post to
David Shewry
5a Cameron Road
Seven Kings

You can also send me stories by text message to 07976456816

I look forward to reading your submissions.
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The Stories...


Clouds form, thunder bellows, and lightning falls down to the earth, turning everything it touches into pure energy.

by Marina Savva


Jannie went to an instrument shop and bought a ukulele, but when she got home she couldn't play because her fingers were so big. 

by Off Nattakarn 


Some ancient people saw an eclipse of the moon that was strange, and they thought the earth would be

by  Saiparn 


Sorry...I can't remember.

by  Manood kang kaw 

A man was walking on the street and passed something that looked amazing before suddenly seeing himself in the mirror in the mirror! 
by Sa Boonyasiri


They embraced, inhaled deeply, and parted quickly.

by David Shewry

On air 

5 4 3 2 1 action! 

by Panny


Still waiting...

by Nathan Gibbons


They sit beside the window who laugh, smile and seem really happy, though they might be crying when they're alone.

by Priyanuch Phengcharoen


blisters, mood and sweat
wife, children and dog still wait.

by Pablo Fernandez-Cueto Arguedas


The noise of her thoughts was too strong and when she was on the point of realising the terrible but obvious truth... she turned on the music.

by Eleonora Melilla


“You will be the best mum for my baby"

by Boonsom 


The man sighed.

by Max Leonard Hitchings

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.